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U.S.D.A. 100% Purchase

100% Florida Mortgages 
 USDA Rural Development housing programs work to improve the quality of life for rural Americans by ensuring that they have access to safe, well-built, affordable homes. A house is more than a roof over our heads; it is often the foundation upon which rests our ability to live near our jobs and to gain access to the schools of our choice and other public services.
Housing Programs offers two types of home ownership loans: guaranteed and direct loans. Under the Direct loan program, individuals or families receive a loan directly from USDA. We are approved by the USDA to handle all of the necessary paperwork and submit directly to the local office for your approval. Payments are based on income, and you must not be able to obtain a homeownership loan from conventional sources. Credit worthiness still applies although borrowers with "no credit scores" can be approved.
Guaranteed loans are available to qualifying applicants whose income is too high to qualify for a direct housing loan. These are loan that must be approved through Lenders such as Manning Financial and then are guaranteed by The Rural Development.
   If you would like to see if a property you are considering is in an eligible, click on the link below.
 100% Florida Mortgages 
With our 100% Florida Mortgage, buyers will be able to purchase their dream   home and not wipe out their savings financing it! With a variety of loan features and benefits available including up to 6% seller contributions, this 100% Florida Mortgage may be the perfect product for your next purchase.
·        A Low 30-year fixed rate mortgage loan for 1-unit primary residence properties. (borrower can not own other property)
·        Not restricted to “First Time Homebuyers” 
·        Up to 102% LTV allowed based on the appraised value (not sales price) 2% towards the one time USDA funding fee
·        Up to 6% seller contributions allowed
·        $0.00 contribution required from the buyers own funds
·        Borrowers can finance closing costs into the loan amount up to the 102%  appraised value!  
·        Low, 2% upfront USDA funding fee financed into the loan amount; 
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